The Heart of Drawing: Stories and Images from Around the World (color edition)


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Over a year in the making, The Heart of Drawing explores the unique creative process of 59 different artists from across the globe. The contributors are all members of The Heart of Drawing Facebook group, collaborating, sharing and exploring expressive drawing together.


“In spite of social media and other various technologies that were all intended to bring the world closer and more together, it is still the vision and purpose of art, painting and drawing in particular, that serves as the truer conduit of our common humanity. The Heart of Drawing is a collection of drawings and artist’s stories from around the world, eclectic in form and style, that inspire and celebrate the universality of art.” 

Tony Magistrale, Professor of English, The University of Vermont

“In The Heart of Drawing, the authors capture the creative spirit that drives many people to put pen to paper or brush to canvas in the first place. So many artists credit the activity itself, in addition to the pleasure of creating a final product, as a powerful means of communicating with others, as well as reaching a better understanding of one’s emotional and rational self. Which is why the testimonies of so many artists along with samples of their work help all of us understand the growth people experience not only when they draw, but when they try to find words that explain how and why they draw. As a writer and teacher myself, The Heart of Drawing does, in fact, capture and communicate the many reasons why the act of drawing is such a valuable activity.”

Toby Fulwiler, Emeritus Professor of English, The University of Vermont; author of Teaching with Writing, College


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